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and functionality levels.

We create Smart products and solutions that cater to Indian Market and Globally.
We provide products, engineering offload and consulting to develop holistic ecosystem for our Customers.
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Perusing Holistic Innovation

Product Development

  • Platforms for large scale feature integration
  • Targeted Solutions with variety
  • Multi-Connectivity High Redundancy Networks

Engineering Offload

  • Turn-key products and solutions
  • Shared IP development
  • Production scaling, time and cost optimization


  • Technology upgrades and Strategic fixes
  • Module level solutions
  • Process Engineering

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6LoWPaN Wirless Node

6LoWPaN Wirless Node

Standalone low power IEEE 802.15.4 radio with external antenna and MCU having sensor/actuator stub headers. Used for wireless sensor and actuator installation at Saw-mill factory for Air quality monitoring and Automated exhaust control.

Connected GPS Tracker

Connected GPS Tracker

GPS Tracking device for courier delivery vehicles in Bangalore. Supported over SMS and GPRS connectivity for alert delivery and location tracking from back end. Dashboard integration and Cloud analytics to support optimized warehouse pick-ups .

Mobile mbed-enabled ARM Kit

Educational ARM development kit supporting smart phone or tablet based embedded programming using cloud based mbed® IDE. Used as a teaching aid to learn programming at village level Diploma colleges in rural West Bengal.

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